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A Simple Way to Earn Money for your PE Program!

Here's how to share this with your student's families:

1. Email
2. Social Media
3. Google Classroom or SeeSaw

1. Email: A sample email message to parents

Hi Parents!

Our PE program is going to earn $10 for every Home PE subscription pack purchased from families that attend our school. Home PE is a six-week subscription box program. For less than the price of a video game console, your kids can remain active all summer. Each week for six weeks, you'll get a new box full of the same great equipment that we use in PE everyday and 30-50 activity and game ideas.


These packs are a great way to keep your kids busy at home and sharp on their skills. The packs also have activity ideas for your kids if they're playing independently or with a sibling or friend. There are also many fun family activities in there as well!


Would you be willing to support our PE program and consider purchasing one of these subscriptions? There are two pack levels that you can find here: www.home-pe.com.


If you decide to purchase, in the confirmation email you'll receive, you can enter our school information through the link in the email.


Please be sure to reach out with any questions!


Thank you,


Your PE Teacher

2. Social Media: Share this image along with a link to www.home-pe.com
3. Share a Link in Google Classroom or SeeSaw

Google Classroom:


1. Viewing your classroom homepage, visit "Classwork" and click "Create". 

2. Click "Material"

3. Write your title and description. Feel free to use the message in the email below. 

4. Click "Add" with the paper clip to add a link. 

5. Copy and paste the url https://www.home-pe.com/

6. Add your link and then click post!




1. While viewing your classroom journal, click on the green plus button called "Add"

2. Click "Post Student Work"

3. Select "Link"

4. Copy and paste the url https://www.home-pe.com/

5. Record an audio message or share the email message above as a caption.

6. Select the green check box.

7. Select your class or students

8. Select the green check box one more time!

Frequently Asked Questions
Where will my students enter their school information? 

After your students purchase a Home PE subscription, they'll receive a confirmation email. The email will contain a link to a form where they can enter your school information.

How long will this promotion run?

Orders can be placed until Labor Day (September 7th)

When and how will I receive the money earned from this program?

The week of September 8-11, we will be mailing Gopher gift cards to the schools who have money credited to their school.