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Home PE FAQs

What does my subscription include?

This is a 6-week subscription program.
You'll receive the exact same equipment your kids use in school, PLUS, instructions on 30-40 different ways to use the equipment You'll be impressed with the quality...these products are designed to withstand use by hundreds of kids each day at schools around the world. You can have "family recess" and do the activities with your kids, or they can do the activities independently.

What is included in each box?

Each box will contain a new set of institutional-quality equipment and activity instructions written in clear simple language.

How good is the equipment I'll receive?

You'll be impressed with the quality of the equipment. You'll receive the exact same products used at schools around the world. Our products have to withstand use by hundreds of kids each day!
This is the exact same equipment used by hundreds of students each day at schools around the world.
Because our equipment is used at schools, everything has to thicker, tougher, heavier, more colorful and more durable. Our equipment costs a little more, but it's worth it.

How often will the boxes arrive?

You'll receive 6 boxes of equipment, one box per week for six weeks.

Will I have to do the activities with my kids?

We certainly encourage it!
Having family physical activity is a great way to spend quality time with your kids!
If you are the parent working from home, these activities are a great way for you to break up your day, too! If you arent able to do the activities with your kids, the activity instructions are written in clear simple language that most kids will be able to understand.

How will I know how to do or teach the activities?

The activities are easy to understand. They are written by professional PE teachers in clear, simple language.

Will I have to do PE or recess with my kids?

At your kid's school, recess is probably supervised by several teachers, and of course, PE class is taught by a teacher.
Recess will probably be more fun if you as the parent are involved.
If you've forgotten how much fun you used to have during recess, here's your chance to relive those days!
Because all the instructions from professional teachers are included, written in simple language, your kids will be be able to do everything themselves without your involvement

I have several children.  Is there enough equipment each week for more than one child to use?

If you have 1-2 kids, the basic subscription provides the right amount of equipment and activities.
If you have 3 or more kids, you can get by with the basic subscription, but you may want to try our Deluxe subscription, which includes more equipment, and let's your kids do more activities.

What's the difference between the "Basic" and "Deluxe" version?

The Deluxe adds a few more items each week, so more kids can use the equipment simultaneously.
The Deluxe subscription also includes more activities.

How soon will my box arrive?

If we receive your order by 4PM CST, your first shipment will leave our warehouse that same day.
Depending on where you live, you could have your box one business day after we receive your order.

Can I only buy certain boxes?

Home PE is designed to maximize the amount of activities and equipment you and your kids receive at the lowest possible price. Our teachers designed activities around the equipment in each box, including boxes from prior weeks. By receiving boxes in their particular sequence, you will maximize the amount of activities your kids can do.

What happens after the six week subscription period is over?

After the six weeks are up, your kids will have an impressive 'library' of equipment and activities that they'll be using this summer and into next year.
You won't receive any more shipments.

Is shipping free?

Yes, the price you pay includes the cost to ship your box to you each week.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! If you live outside the United States, please call to order for pricing and shipping information (855) 257-9197

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time.

Why are you doing this?

The nationwide school closures are creating a lot of stress on parents and kids.
Like you, we are parents.
Like you, we are living with the challenge of working from home while our kids are also at home.
We also happen to be experts in physical education, physical activity for kids and recess.
Since all of us parents are looking for ways to get their kids active (preferably outside...), this just seemed like a good idea!

Can I purchase a subscription for my grandchild?

Absolutely! At checkout, you can designate the purchase as a gift. Enter your billing information, and specify a different address where the weekly subscription shipment can be sent.