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About Us

PE teachers and coaches are heroes!

Every day, PE teachers and coaches teach our kids how to become more physically active, healthier, better athletes, and better adults.

PE teachers and coaches deserve thanks and appreciation for all they do for our kids!

Your kids still need daily physical activity, even with school closures

School closures and social distancing are preventing PE, recess, sports, and fitness opportunities kids normally get at school.

Kids and adults are healthier when they get 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Our brains are better equipped to learn during and after physical activity.

If you are physically active as an adult, you already know this without all the studies! You feel great after you are active!

We're parents, like you!

We're parents, too!

Has there ever been a time when we as parents appreciate teachers and coaches more than now?

We wanted to find a simple, affordable way for you to overcome the same challenges we were facing: "How do I ensure my kids are active and healthy while schools are closed?"

Home PE can help!

The PE teachers and coaches at our schools are irreplaceable, but they can't come to your house to teach your kids every day.

Now you can give your kids some of the opportunity for physical activity that they'd have at school with Home PE

Home PE is by teachers for parents and grandparents

Home PE uses the same extra-durable equipment your kids use at school, with instructions designed by teachers to be used by kids and parents.

Pros trust Gopher

PE teachers and coaches look to Gopher for the most innovative, durable, institutional-quality products that can stand up to use in schools by hundreds of kids each day.